Baumwollweberei Zittau GmbH – Zittau

The affiliate in Zittau emerged from the Wagner & Moras company, which was founded in 1899. The company changed its name to Gebr. Moras in the 1940s. After World War II, Gebr. Moras AG was nationalized and turned into a “Volkseigener Betrieb” (VEB, nationally-owned company) in the German Democratic Republic (DDR); later it became Operation 4 of the Lautex Verbund (Lautex Association). Operation 4 was taken over by the Hans-Werner Hecking family in 1994, after a large portion of its production facilities had been already operating for H. Hecking Söhne for a number of years; that year, the Baumwollweberei  Zittau GmbH (BWZ, cotton weaving mill) was founded.

Today, the BWZ operates a warping facility, sizing facility, weaving mill and cloth inspection, with adjoining finishing facility that also has a tentering frame at its disposal. Beside that, the Baumwollweberei Zittau has been the operator of a 370 kWp solar power plant since 2008.


The H. Hecking sons spinning mill and weaving mill makes and produces raw fabrics, raw fabrics / materials for furnishing fabrics, solar protection, bedclothes, table linen, Matrazen, Moltons, wide fabric, spreads gewebe and materials for stage construction and fair construction, flame-restraining fabrics to German Institute for Standardization 4102-B1. Warning fabric to EN 471. We weave warning fabric to EN 471 for manufacturing protective clothing. Shielding fabric and metal fabric. Manufacturer of materials and fabrics with metal threads, silver threads, high-grade steel threads, etc. as a shielding fabric. We make and produce insert materials and fabrics like cambric, Kattune, Cretonne, nettle. Carrier fabric for abrasive, autosky, inserts for blouses and shirts. Carrier fabric for imitation leather. Carrier fabric for adhesive tapes. Elastic threads: Elastik fabric or fabric with elastic threads for the application as a clothing fabric, application for Sportswear, DOB, occupational clothing etc. corduroy, sateen, twill, Moleskine. Molton for coatings. Cotton fabric, cotton, cotton fiber, cotton yarn. Cell woollen fabric, cell woollen, cell woollen fiber, cell woollen thread. Bamboo fabric, bamboo material, bamboo fiber, bamboo thread. Polyester fabric / polyester material, polyester thread. Treviragewebe/Trevirastoff, Treviragarn. Dolanitgewebe/Dolanitstoff, Dolanitgarn. Polypropylengewebe/Polypropylenstoff, Polypropylengarn. Acrylic fabric / acrylic material, acrylic thread. High-grade steel fabric / high-grade steel material, high-grade steel thread. Silver fabric / silver material, silver thread. Milk protein fabric / milk protein material, milk protein thread.

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