A selection of articles that are available immediately

As a producer of yarns and fabrics for industry, we naturally always have a contingent of items that are immediately available. The items listed below represent a selection. Should an item that you desire not be on the list, please contact us. 


Pes/Bw.-Pique – 65/35 % Pes/Bw., 166 cm

€ 1,89/lfm
  • Kette:  65%/35% Pes/Bw.
  • Schuß: 65%/35% Pes/Bw.
  • Gewicht: 210 g/qm
  • prompt verfügbar



Bw.-Ripsmoleskin - Farbe steingrau oliv - 160 cm

€ 5,28/lfm
  • Kette und Schuß: 100 % Baumwolle
  • Gewicht: 330 g/qm
  • prompt verfügbar



Trenkercord 88/12 % Bw/Pes - Breite 167 cm

€ 3,32/lfm
  • Bindung: Cord – roh, ungeschnitten
  • Kette: 50/50 % Pes/Bw
  • Schuß: Bw
  • Gewicht: 390 g/qm
  • Breite: 167 cm
  • am Lager: > 1.000 lfm



Mischpanama Bw/Leinen, rohweiß, 150 cm

€ 1,87/lfm
  • Kette: Baumwolle
  • Schuss: Baumwolle/Leinen-Flamme
  • Gewicht: 210 g/m2
  • prompt verfügbar



Warnmischgewebe, leuchtgelb, 160 cm

€ 4,90/lfm
  • Pes-Pes/Bw-Satin 4:1
  • Gewicht: 240 g/m²
  • prompt verfügbar.



Warnmischgewebe, leuchtorange, 160 cm

€ 4,80/lfm
  • Pes-Pes/Bw-Satin 4:1
  • Gewicht: 240 g/m²
  • prompt verfügbar



Important information

All prices of the individual articles listed above are non-binding offers. Items are subject to prior sale. The price indications listed above are net prices; they do not include VAT and freight and packaging costs according to actual expenditure. Payment conditions have to be agreed on in each case. 

  • For greater quantities, we will gladly compile a special offer for you.



The H. Hecking sons spinning mill and weaving mill makes and produces raw fabrics, raw fabrics / materials for furnishing fabrics, solar protection, bedclothes, table linen, Matrazen, Moltons, wide fabric, spreads gewebe and materials for stage construction and fair construction, flame-restraining fabrics to German Institute for Standardization 4102-B1. Warning fabric to EN 471. We weave warning fabric to EN 471 for manufacturing protective clothing. Shielding fabric and metal fabric. Manufacturer of materials and fabrics with metal threads, silver threads, high-grade steel threads, etc. as a shielding fabric. We make and produce insert materials and fabrics like cambric, Kattune, Cretonne, nettle. Carrier fabric for abrasive, autosky, inserts for blouses and shirts. Carrier fabric for imitation leather. Carrier fabric for adhesive tapes. Elastic threads: Elastik fabric or fabric with elastic threads for the application as a clothing fabric, application for Sportswear, DOB, occupational clothing etc. corduroy, sateen, twill, Moleskine. Molton for coatings. Cotton fabric, cotton, cotton fiber, cotton yarn. Cell woollen fabric, cell woollen, cell woollen fiber, cell woollen thread. Bamboo fabric, bamboo material, bamboo fiber, bamboo thread. Polyester fabric / polyester material, polyester thread. Treviragewebe/Trevirastoff, Treviragarn. Dolanitgewebe/Dolanitstoff, Dolanitgarn. Polypropylengewebe/Polypropylenstoff, Polypropylengarn. Acrylic fabric / acrylic material, acrylic thread. High-grade steel fabric / high-grade steel material, high-grade steel thread. Silver fabric / silver material, silver thread. Milk protein fabric / milk protein material, milk protein thread.

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